KLLM Transport Services / FFE Transportation Services
135 Riverview Drive
Richland, MS 39218
Phone: MS: 800-925-5556 TX: 800-569-9232
Fax: MS: 601-936-5410 TX: 972-228-0441

If you have applied to KLLM Transport Services / FFE Transportation Services within the last 30 days, you may already be in our RapidHire system and it is not necessary to resubmit your information. Please call KLLM Transport Services / FFE Transportation Services at MS: 800-925-5556 TX: 800-569-9232 to update your file and discuss current opportunities with a Recruiter.

Our Recruiting Department will use our RapidHire system to process your information quickly.

To complete this job inquiry, you will need to provide the following information:

This application consists of two parts:

  1. Start with Application Part I. ENTER information as requested. Edit and Add information on the REVIEW page.
  2. Proceed to Application Part II. Choose your method of signing the required releases: ONLINE ELECTRONICALLY or MANUALLY DOWNLOAD or SAVE RELEASES TO PRINT, SIGN and FAX or MAIL.
  3. FOR ONLINE SIGNERS: start by creating your signature where indicated. Please be patient as the sytem works to create and process your signature.
  4. Read and check to APPLY YOUR SIGNATURE on FIVE PAGES: 1) Drug and Alcohol History Release Authorization; 2) Driver Disclosure and Authorization Form; 3) Important Disclosure Regarding Background Reports from the PSP Online Service; 4) Release of Information Form -- 49 CFR Part 40 Drug and Alcohol Testing; and 5) DriverFacts Applicant Drug & Alcohol Release.
  5. Please proceed until you reach the Thank-you page.
  6. If you chose the manual signature method: download or save the releases to sign. Then proceed to the final Thank-you page of the Application to ensure all information is submitted properly.

All information plus FIVE signed releases must be submitted. Thank you.

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